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Key Dates


Sept. 9 – Opening of the Online Pledge Portal
Dec. 3 – Giving Tuesday
Help make this the single largest online donation day of the campaign by making an online gift.
Dec. 5 – International Volunteer Day
Pledge to donate your time by volunteering with a participating charity and share your volunteer experiences.
Jan. 12, 2020 – Last Day to Give


During the 2019 active campaign period, we will highlight a cause of the week. These causes have been selected to represent the wide variety of taxonomy codes available through the CFC and often coincide with national and international recognition months or days. The Cause of the Week Toolkit provides resources to help agencies fully implement the the cause of the week concept.


Week of Sept. 30: Education/Youth Development (Oct. 5 - Teacher's Day)
Week of Oct. 7: Mental Health (Mental Health Day)
Week of Oct. 14: Disaster Relief
Week of Oct. 21: Health (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Week of Oct. 28: Animal Welfare 
Week of Nov. 4: Military Support (Military Families Month)
Week of Nov. 11: Veterans (Nov. 11 - Veterans Day)
Week of Nov. 18: Environmental Protection
Week of Nov. 25: Eradicating Hunger (Nov. 21 - Thanksgiving)
Week of Dec. 2: CFC Spirit Week (Dec. 3 - #GivingTuesday, Dec. 5 - Volunteer Day)
Week of Dec. 9: Human Rights (Dec. 10 - Human Rights Day)
Week of Dec. 16: Housing & Shelter
Week of Dec. 23: Arts & Culture
Week of Dec. 30: Women & Girls
Week of Jan. 6: Finish Strong Week