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Training & Marketing Materials

We are constantly uploading campaign content to this site so please be patient as we are hard at work. Some Federal Offices have reported difficulties in accessing few of the downloadable items listed below.  As we are constantly working on fixing these errors, as a temporary fix, we recommend you to visit this site from a legacy computer (one NOT connected on a federal network, maybe from home) to download the items you are interested in capturing.

2017 CFC Video

2017 CFC Charity Listing

2017 CFC Paper Pledge Card


Campaign Training Slides and Manuals

   Campaign Managers:



Post Cards

Table Tents Cards

If you continue to have problems using the links provided, to view or download your localize CFC Campaign Materials please visit our public Dropbox folders.

You DO NOT have to install the DropBox program to access this site.

Thank You for your understanding during this transition.