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Handling Paper Pledge Protocol

Although giving online is easier than ever, some donors may still prefer to give using a paper pledge form. If so, they can mail their completed pledge directly to the CFC Processing Center at P.O. Box 7820 Madison, WI 53707-7820. Alternatively, forms can be submitted directly to the department or agency's Campaign Manager. If pledge forms are submitted to Keyworkers directly, they must be stored in a secure location until they are able to be delivered to the Campaign Manager.

Common Pledge Form Errors

  • Illegible
  • Total gift and charity designation amounts are not the same
  • Funds are undesignated (all funds must be designated using a 5-digit charity code)
  • Reporting unit name/number is missing (reporting unit name/number should be written under "Your Office")
  • Authorizations portion is NOT signed 
  • Social Security number is missing for a payroll deduction pledge (Social Security numbers are only needed for payroll deduction)

For assistant with processing paper pledge cards, please contact:
Central Campaign Administrator
TTY available
Hours: 9:00 am through 7:00 pm (CST) M-F 
Last day of Open Season until Midnight